Saturday, March 20, 2010

Emmanuelle como stylist
Mucha ropa de Isabel Marant
Un camello

El lunes empiezo con la facultad y estoy enfermaaaaaaaa! Me quiero matar, igual ahora estoy un poco mejor, asique espero mejorarme del todo para el lunes. 

CREO que encontre el departamento perfecto! El martes lo llevo a mi viejo para que lo vea y si todo sale bien, empiezo con la mudanza :) Fingers crossed!

Comentarios sobre el lio que se armo con Terry Richardson? A mi siempre me parecio un poco raro, y nunca termine de entender sus fotos, no se, no me convencen. 

Emmanuelle as the stylist 
Lots of Isabel Marant
A camel

On Monday I start with college and I'm sick! I can't believe it, I mean all summer long my health was perfect, but 2 days before school starts I get sick! I'm better now though, so if I keep it up I'll be able to attend to class. Wish me luck!

I think I found the most perfect apartment for me. On Tuesday I'll go for a second visit so my dad can see it and decide about it. So, if everything goes well, I'll start to pack! Fingers crossed!

Comments about the Terry Richardson scandal? Anyone? I never liked him that much, I usually saw him as a freak and never ended up getting his shoots. If the accusations were completely false then he should have stayed and clear everything up, not run away and then complain to Rie's agency about her behavior. Plus, he took every single picture away from his blog where he could be seen next to models on provocative posses! Weird  Weird. 


  1. Quee fotos!!! me encantaron!!!
    Saludos :)

  2. what happended with terry? i have no idea of it
    i really loved that shoot,
    and about miu miu shoes, i would have thought the same
    how can a pair of pink shoes with birds and diamonds on it be so so beautiful?

  3. Muy buenas fotos, que pasó con terry? no tengo idea de lo que pasó?

  4. Yo tampoco tengo idea que paso con terry!
    voy a buscar por internet
    el blog es exelente!

  5. que paso con el pervertido ese? sus fotos me dan el mas grande de los ascos, ademas trabaja con todas las que no me banco: freja beha, lindsay lohan...

  6. holaa! como vaa?!

    todo el lookbook es de paula c!
    son excelentes para todo los dias ...los precios como ya sabes estan por la nueves pero hay prendas que son perdurable spor tiempo largo y siempre quedas bien!

    fijate que encontras voss!


  7. no lo vi masss! no se puede en casi ninguna pag! nuse! :(

  8. que impacto de fotos!!!
    me encantan!!!

  9. these pics are fabulous!
    and well i don't know but i think that you are wrong, we don't say "cher chloé" but "cheZ chloé" (i'm not sur this is what you want to say, but ..anyway you understood what i mean ahah)