Monday, January 5, 2009


i'm reeaaaaalllllyyyyyyyyy bored right now. i'm in the middle of my vacations and no one is left in the cityyy! almost every single friend is in PDL (a very popular place to go for holidays) and even if  a friend invited me to go with her i declined the invite as a complete asshole! just to stay home with my dad's cancer which by the way is going better and better. so, i can't go on vacations with him and my mum is going everywhere but is not taking me! SO unfairr. at least another friend also invited me to go to PDL on late January, so i'll probably go, and another one invited me to Brazil which is really nice,but in february i have to study for summer f school. so, my days go by with me all day tanning or in my pajamas watching pictures of people having the time of their lives on


  1. this ones are from the cobra snake!! i so lvoe them, tallulah morton is so great

  2. I'm glad your dad's doing well, darling :)